Anix Globe Valve

Globe Valves

Globe valves are designed to start, stop and regulate process flow in the pipeline by moving the disc against the flow stream. The globe valve gets its name from the globular shape of the valve body.  Globe valves tend to be used in wastewater plants, power plants, and process plants. The part of the globe valve that controls the flow is the disc, which is attached to the valve stem. Turning the valve stem in until the disc is seated into the valve seat closes the valve preventing the fluid from flowing through the valve. The edge of the disc and the seat form a tight seal when the valve is closed. When the valve is open, the fluid flows through the space between the edge of the disc and the seat. Since the fluid flow is equal on all sides of the center of support when the valve is open, there is no unbalanced pressure on the disc that would cause uneven wear. The rate at which fluid flows through the valve is regulated by the position of the disc in relation to the valve seat. There are 2 types of discs used, depending on the job: 

plug-type discs have a long, tapered configuration with a wide bearing surface, providing maximum resistance to the erosive action of the fluid stream; the composition disc has a flat face that is pressed against the seat opening like a cap, making it unsuitable for high differential pressure throttling.

High performance DIN and GB globe valvesGlobe valve(flanged, welded)

The German standard and national standardgate valves of Anix have reliable sealing, good performance and elegant appearance, in accordance with advanced national and international standards. The gate plates and the valve seats are wearing, high temperature and corrosion resistant, and have good scratch resistant performance and long service life. Wedge type elastic gate plate structure is used; roller bearings are provided for medium and large diameters to realize easy opening and closing; the valve rods are subject to tempering and surface nitrogen treatment and thus have good corrosion resistant and scratch resistant performance. Different pipe flange standards and flange sealing face types can be used to meet the requirements of different projects and users. There are a complete range of materials to be used for the valve bodies, and the packing and gaskets can be selected according to the actual working conditions or the requirements of the users. The valves are thus applicable to different working conditions with various pressure, temperature and media.

ANIX Stainless Steel Globe Valve Class 200 Threaded NPT

316 Stainless steel Globe Valve ThreadedSize: 1/2″ to 3″

ANIX Stainless Steel Globe Valve Class 150 / 300 RF

316 Stainless steel Globe Valve ThreadedSize: 1/2″ to 3″Sizes available: 1/2″ to 14″ Trim 10

ANIX Carbon Steel Globe Valve – RF, Trim 8, Class 150 / 300 / 600

Known as Cast Steel, Carbon Steel, WCB or CS Globe Valve
Sizes available : 1/2″ ~ 12″
Size 14″ ~ 20″ available for made-to-order only.
Class 600 available for made-to order only.

ANIX Globe Valve Bellow Seal Flange PN16

Known as Cast Steel, Carbon Steel, WCB or CS Globe Valve
Sizes available : 1/2″ ~ 12″

ANIX Forged Steel Globe Valve Flanged Class 600 / 300 / 150

Sizes available: 1/2″ ~ 1-1/2″
Material: A105

ANIX Forged Steel Globe Valve Threaded Class 800

Sizes available: 1/2″ ~ 2″
Material: A105N or F316

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