Anix Y-strainer valves

Y strainer Valves

  Y strainer, also known as a wye strainer, is designed to remove any solids and any other particles that flow through fluids. y-strainer is an extremely important component in multiple fluid control companies to ensure no down-stream valves are damaged by particles or solids within the fluid. As its name implies, a Y strainer (wye strainer) is shaped like a “Y” and is used to strain, or filter, out particulates from liquid, steam or gas. This straining process is allowed because a filter element made up of perforated metal, mesh, or a wedge wire straining element. The most commonly used straining element is a wire mesh (A mesh made up of a group of little wires). The strainer itself is shaped into a Y shaped design, with the mesh sitting in the middle. The Y strainer (wye strainer) has a better flow pattern then a T shaped strainer, reason being the fluid is allowed to flow through the mesh filter with less change of direction. Of course, the Y strainer would not be able to filter any liquid, gas, or steam without the mesh filter that is filtering the debris and solids out of the stream flow. Y Strainers (wye strainers can be used in vertical or horizontal pipelines. A mesh-lined screen within the strainer removes any solids or particles from the stream as the flow travels through the strainer.

ANIX Stainless Steel Y strainer Class 800 Threaded NPT

316 Stainless Steel WYE Strainer
Size: 1/4″ to 3″

ANIX Stainless Steel Y strainer Class 150 / 300 RF

316 Stainless Steel Y- Strainer
Size: 1/2″ to 8″

ANIX Carbon Steel Y strainer Class 150 / 300 RF

Carbon Steel Size: 1/2″ to 8″


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