Terofox Quarter-Turn Ball Valves


Ball valves are mostly used in shutoff applications. They are not recommended to be used in a partially open position for a long time under conditions of a high pressure drop across the valve, thus the soft seat could tend to flow through the orifice and block the valve movement. With the type of body, ball valves can be more or less easily maintained. Drop pressure relative to its hole size is low.The seat material resistance of the ball valve limits the working temperature and pressure of the valve. The seat is plastic ( such as PTFE, RPTFE, 50%Carbon powder + 50% PTFE ) or metal ( S.S. + Stellite / Chrome hard face ) made.

They are used in diversity of applications such as steam, water, oil, gas, air, corrosive fluids, and can also handle slurries and dusty dry fluids. Abrasive and fibrous materials can damage the seats and the ball surface. Hence, purchasers must provide the necessary information on fluids / temperature for consideration of seat material. For valves interior structures, Terofox provides blow-out-proof stem (Fig. 01) and anti-static device (Fig. 02) as essential parts in the valve. API607 Fire Safe Design (Fig. 03) is optional for some certain applications.

Why choose us? Product Advantages:

1. Over 200 models + 35 OEM products in our ball valves category
2. 1/5 of our employees with engineering background
3. Inventory—Retention Rate for Ball Valves on USD 500,000
4. Diversity solution provider— industrial, oil & gas, petroleum, chemical, LNG, refinery, mining, etc.
5. Providing wide valve materials—Stainless Steel as our basic material like ASTM A351/ CF8/ CF8M or above grade 6. materials CN7M, Monel, Hastelloy C, Duplex, Super Duplex, and Titanium

7. Selling solutions; manufacturing valves acc. to ISO 9001, less than 0.5% claims in past 3 years (based on 2010~2013) 8. From design to sample taking 35 days
9. Retention Rate by Customers: 95%

10. Within 24hrs response for new customers; experienced account managers in charge of existing customers 11. Online documentation management for specific customers
12. Handling valves to be packed with extra care and environmental packaging

EB-310 SIZE:1/4” ~ 4″ ( DN8 ~ DN100 )

3-pc design full bore ball valve, blow-out-proof stem design.

EB-212 SIZE:1/4″~2″(DN8~DN50)

2-pc design reduce bore ball valve, blow-out-proof stem design, Male x Male.

EB-310KSIZE:1/4” ~ 1″

3-pc design full bore compression end ball valve, blow-out-proof stem design.

EB-320M SIZE:1/4″ ~ 4″ ( DN8 ~ DN100 )

3-pc design full bore ball valve, blow-out-proof stem & anti-static design, ISO 5211 mounted pad.

HPV-330MSF SIZE:2″ only



3-pc design v-bore ball valve, PN16/40 Flange Ends. Bore selected: 15°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, slotted. Blow-out-proof stem & anti-static design. ISO5211 direct-mounted pad.

MW-303M SIZE:1/4″~3″(DN8~DN80)

3 way T / L-port reduce bore ball valve blow-out-proof stem, with ISO 5211 mounted pad

MWF-410D SIZE:1/2”~6″(DN15~DN150)

4 way L/T/X -port full bore ball valve, Blow-out-proof stem & anti-static device. ISO 5211 Direct-mounted pad. Class150,PN16/40 bar

TF-20 Class600 SIZE:1/2″~4″

2-pc full bore ball valve, Split body design. Floating ball, Class600,Blow-out-proof stem & anti-static design ISO 5211 mounted pad for actuation.

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