When should you use a ball valve?

Ball valves are used to stop a fluid from circulating. The ball valve is in the form of a sphere with a hole drilled in it, generally of the same diameter as the pipe. It is a quarter turn valve that has the advantage of not obstructing the flow of fluid in the open position. When the hole in the ball has the same diameter as the pipe, it is called a “full flow” valve. In the closed position this type of valve provides a good sealing system.
This valve is used for both liquids (water, oil,…) and gases.

Some ball valves are also equipped with a conical plug.

Ball valves also come as 3-way or 4-way valves. In this case they are also known as sector valves.

Important characteristics:

  • shut-off valve
  • quarter-turn valve
  • compatible with liquid and gaseous media


  • risk of water hammer

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