Safety valve requirements for general industries

Every industrial plant has its own distinct characteristics and must therefore be considered individually. Pressure, backpressure, temperatures, and media are very different. This is reflected in the requirements on safety valves.

The LESER Advantage

LESER is the full-service provider of safety valves and delivers them for all applications in all industries. Thanks to a highly automated production process and many regional warehouses, LESER offers the shortest delivery times. Besides our standard products, LESER can also provide special, customer-specific solutions.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Pressure relief valves for all industrial applications
  • API: Pressure relief valves according to API 526 with standardized capacities and dimensions
  • COMPACT PERFORMANCE: Pressure relief valves with compact dimensions and high connection variety
  • HIGH EFFICIENCY: Pilot operated pressure relief valves for high plant efficiency
  • MODULATE ACTION: Pressure relief valves for low pressure dynamics
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