Kytola Catalog

Kytola Instruments develops, manufactures and sells precision equipment for flow measuring, monitoring and regulation needs such as flow meters, oil lubrication systems and oil analyzers.

Kytola® Instruments OY is part of a group of companies that is family owned under the Kytola® name. The company founded in 1945 by Olli Kytola is located in Muurame, Finland. Olli Kytola understood there was a need for reliable flow measuring instruments. He achieved his dream as the Kytola line of products has systematically and steadily grown during past decades to an internationally known company, whose products are used worldwide.

Variable area flow meters measure the flow of a liquid or gas through a pipe by channelling it through a tapered tube, forcing an internal float to rise. The position of the float can then be used to indicate the flow rate.

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