Maintenance service

We provide a full scope of services complete with highly qualified staff, advanced equipment and tools, professional services and a cost effective approach in order to achieve high availability,efficiency and extended plant life for our customers.

Our maintenance services are provided to fit with customer requirements such as:

• Planned Outage maintenance
• Contract maintenance services 

• Individual equipment maintenance
• Field service and emergency troubleshooting 

Our staff’s long term experience in Plant Maintenance, we can provide a variety of professional Maintenance Services for Power Generation, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Industries.

Mechanical Maintenance of Rotating Machinery. 

• Inspection and overhaul retating equipments
• Trouble Shooting Mechanical Equipment and Processes
• Steam Turbine Yearly Inspection, Minor Inspection and Major Overhaul 
• Centrifugal or Axial Flow Compressor Inspection and Overhaul
• Overhaul valve and penetrant testing & pressure test.
• Centrifugal, Mixed Flow and Axial Flow Pump Inspection and Overhaul 
• Large Centrifugal Fan or Blower Inspection and Overhaul

Mechanical Maintenance for Boilers and Pipe work

• Pressure Part Inspection
• Tube Replacement
• Steam Drum Inspection
• Boiler Water Circulating Pump Inspection
• Boiler Feed Water Pump Inspection
• Valve Inspection and Repair
• Boiler Casing Modification
• Damper Inspection and Repair 

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