Over 25 years ago, took a new and innovative approach to the design of control valves. SCHUBERT & SALZER, GERMANY developed their sliding gate control valves based on a principle of operation of the gate valve consists of two slotted discs sliding against each other and forming a seal. One of these discs, known as a seal plate, is permanently secured within the valve body at right angles to the direction of flow.

This disc has a specific number of transverse slots, each of the same height. A second non-rotating disc with a similar slotted arrangement is moved vertically against the first, and in so doing, changes the flow cross-section. The pressure differential created forces the moving disc against the fixed disc. The sliding disc valve therefore seals itself without the need for a separate seat. The sliding gate valve has a very fast response time to signal changes and this is a key factor in the accurate control quality.

A short stroke, low moving masses and low actuation forces are the key parameters in enabling a very fast response time and a high resolution of the stroke position. The sliding gate valve offers all of these features in one package. The typical stroke between “open” and “closed” is a mere 6 to 9 mm.

Positioning of the pneumatically controlled sliding gate valve can be provided by another Schubert & Salzer product specifically designed for the job. Typically this would be the 8049 valve positioner, twin-lead version, with IP65 protection. In this particular configuration, the valve positioner would be mounted centrally on the valve actuator and therefore takes up no additional lateral space and saves weight. As a result of this integrated design system, no moving parts can be accessed, thus maximising operational safety and security. This valve/ actuator combination is lightweight, fast acting and highly accurate and satisfies the most exacting requirements that are placed on a control valve.

  • LESS WEIGHT design  for EASY, QUICK, AND CHEAP installation & maintenance! (maintenance will able done by single engineer, around 20 minutes in-house)
  • Minimize spare part inventory, (internal pair disc)
  • Saving pressure air & energy (reduce 90% compressor air consumption)
  • Short Stroke design = Quick Response time = Superior control performance!! 
  • No more cavitation problems inside the  control valves


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