Chemical substances like coatings, dyes are present in every aspect of our life. In there often complex production processes valves from Schubert & Salzer Control Systems are used on numerous occasions, especially sliding gate, ball sector and segement disc valves but also angle seat valves.

Examples are the production von Fluor Hydrogen (here and in other hazardous fluids sliding gate valves are used with bellow seals, which ensure a 100% sealing to atmoshere and show little wear with the short stroke of these valves), production of desiccants, plastics, dosing of resins or suspensions with particles.

Numerous and diverse applications can be found: Schubert & Salzer valves control reliably cooling and heating processes at reactors, are used in the generation and control of steam or precisely control chemicals or paints and provide plant air or vacuum control.

Often chemical processes come with high demands on corrosive

sustainability, requiring special materials like Hastelloy. Besides the traditional, robust angle seat valves especially sliding gate, ball sector and segmented disc valves perform in these challenging applications and deliver high control accuracy at the same time.

A specific application example can be the production ultra-pure sulfuric acid and other similar chemicals. During the acid dilution process sliding gate valves perform particularly well as they can be use even in concentrated alloys and other exotic substances like PTFE (Teflon), glass, platinum or gold. Flow rate spreads of up to 100% are being balanced by these valves without compromise.
Learn more in the application report from PVS Chemicals.

The high control accuracy, long service lifes, compact design and easy maintenance of the Schubert & Salzer ball sector valves is appreciated by reputed producers of engineering resins. The unique ball sectors feature a self-cleaning function and is particularly suitable for abrasive, crystallizing or viscous fluids.

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