Swissfluid products

Products Overview

Lined valves and Automation

Butterfly Valve SBE

Butterfly Valve SBP

Ball Valves SBV

Ball Valves SBV 300 lbs

Diaphragm Valves SDV

Pneumatic Quarter-Turn Actuators SPA-R

Pneumatic Linear Stroke Actuator SPA-L

Ball Check Valves SBC

Swing Check Valves SSC

Sight Glasses SSP

Sight Glasses SST

Tubular Sight Glasses SSP-T

Tubular Sight Glasses SST-T

Cylindrical Plug Valves SCP

Customer-specific Parts

Lined Sampling Valves and Systems

Inline Sampling Valves SIV

Sampling Ball Valves SSB

Manual Reactor Sampling Systems SRS-P

Manual Reactor Sampling Systems SRS-P-E

Automated Reactor Sampling Systems SRS-P-P

Combined Sampling Systems SSO-C

Sampling-Station SSO-S

Sampling Systems SSO-P

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