we are a Taiwanese Valves Manufacturer based in Taichung City, Taiwan. Our dedicated team of Engineers and Quality Assurance personnel is working on our behalf at all points of manufacturing. Therefore we are able to work closely, making sure that all our customers’ needs and concerns are consistently and professionally monitored on ongoing basis. There are two production lines both between Taichung, Taiwan and Zhongshan, China. We also own a production factory with a foundry (certificated by EU PED Equipment Pressure of TÜV Germany & ISO 9001:2000 of DNV GL Assurance. )

But our main focus is our “Special Product Line” in Taiwan that includes:

• Sanitary Valves.
• BS6364 Cryogenic Valves: Used in the transmission of extreme low temperature services.
• Special Alloy Valves: Some of the Materials we offer are Alloy 20, Monel, Hastelloy, Duplex/ Super Duplex Stainles Steel,

Titanium and more.
• Dead-man Return Ball Valves: Spring Return Handle that decreases the Torque for easier use.
• Fugitive Emission ISO15848-1 certified : Safety is a trend nowadays, our low emission valve meets ISO15848-1 for

eliminating fugitive emission
• API607 6th Edition / ISO10497:2010 Fire Safe Approval ball valves – Flange Ball valves ( TF-20FS, TF-20DFS ), Trunnion

Mounted Ball Valve ( TF-40FS, TF-44FS ) and high performance Ball Valve (EB-321DFS), Wafer Type Ball Valve ( TF-10MFS)


Persisting in engineering-oriented services in 20+ years, Terofox successfully exported products to the five continents of the world: Americas , Europe, Oceania, Asia, the Middle East region, and so on. Refined by standing in industry for more than two decades, the team had succeeded in deliveries to diverse applications, from general industry, petrochemicals chemical, to pharmaceuticals, Semiconductor wastewater, and water treatment Industries. Observing the world trend, Terofox has been employed in industries like CDA, HVAC, compressor air, semi-conductor, etc. 


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