Schubert & Salzer Control Systems GmbH is a medium-sized company in the Schubert & Salzer Group with its headquarters in Ingolstadt. Our core business lies in developing and selling innovative solutions in control technology for liquid and gaseous media flows. 

Our subsidiaries in Belgium, France, India, the UK, and the USA and as well as more than 40 international partners offer you and your customers quality products from Schubert & Salzer with the “Made in Germany” cachet, worldwide.The sliding gate valve series controls liquid, vapour and gaseous media precisely, quickly and economically. At the heart of this valve are two slotted discs sliding against each other and forming a seal. One of the discs, a seal plate permanently secured in the body at right angles to the direction of flow, has a specific number of transverse slots of the same height. A second non-rotating disc with a similar slotted arrangement is moved vertically against the first, thus changing the flow cross-section. The pressure differential forces the moving disc against the fixed disc. Thus the sliding gate valve seals itself without the need for a separate seat.

Sliding gate valves in their twin flange version are very compact and light. Therefore, the stress on the pipes is so small that additional valve supports can be dispensed with.

Sliding gate valves are being used wherever a high availability as well as very good control properties and low maintenance costs are required. Next to applications in ship construction, sliding gate valves can often be found in the processing industry such as for chemicals, metals, food or pharmaceuticals.

Ball sector valve 

-Nominal size : DN25-300

-Nominal pressure : PN10-40

-Temperature : -60c-230c

Sliding gate pressure controller 

-Nominal size : DN15-150

-Nominal pressure : PN10-40

-Temperature : -60c-300c

Sliding gate control valve 

-Nominal size : DN15-150

-Nominal pressure : PN10-100

-Temperature : -60c-350c

Angle seat control valve 

-Nominal size : DN15-80

-Nominal pressure : PN40

-Temperature : -100c-220c

Hygienic right angle control valve 

-Nominal size : DN15-40

-Nominal pressure : PN16

-Temperature : -20c-200c

Sliding gate motor  valve 

-Nominal size : DN15-250

-Nominal pressure : PN10-100

-Temperature : -60c-350c

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